Friday, October 23, 2009

SoftStronghold is a rogue antispyware

SoftStronghold is a new rogue antispyware program from WiniGuard family as SoftVeteran, SoftCop, SoftSoldier, TrustFighter, TrustSoldier, SafeFighter, TrustCop, SecureWarrior, SecureFighter, SecureVeteran, SecuritySoldier, SaveArmor, SaveDefender, TrustWarrior, SoftSafeness, SafetyKeeper, etc.

 SoftStronghold is installed from fake "free online scanner" web pages.

SoftStronghold creates a lot of files with random names that during the scan will determine as threats.

 SoftStronghold shows false security alerts, nag screens and screen that looks like Windows Security Center.


SoftStronghold removal instructions.

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