Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Remove Windows Efficiency Accelerator virus

Windows Efficiency Accelerator is a new dangerous computer parasite, which classified as rogue antispyware program. It is not able to perform any type of security related functions when installed on a computer. This program created with one purpose to trick you into purchasing the full version of the software. Thus, never trust anything relate to Windows Efficiency Accelerator and uninstall it as soon as possible.

What Windows Efficiency Accelerator does

Windows Efficiency Accelerator is promoted and distributed with the help of trojans that come from fake online scanners or other misleading websites. When the rogue is installed, it will register itself in the Windows registry to run automatically.

The program will perform a system scan and list a lot of trojans, viruses and other malicious programs. Of course, the scan and its results are a fake. The rogue uses the false scan results as method to trick you into purchase the full version of the software. Ignore all that Windows Efficiency Accelerator will show you and remove it as soon as possible.

While Windows Efficiency Accelerator is running, it will display various misleading notifications and fake security alerts from Windows taskbar. However, all the alerts are totally fabricated and must by no means be trusted. The rogue generates these messages only to scare you into paying for this scam software. Thus, like false scan result, you should ignore all of them.

As you can see, Windows Efficiency Accelerator pretends to be a legitimate antivirus software but, in reality, it is a scam. You should remove this malware as soon as you notice it installed on the system. Please use the Windows Efficiency Accelerator removal steps to uninstall this malware from your computer for free.

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