Monday, February 10, 2014

Windows Paramount Protection removal step-by-step guide

You may have heard of the Windows Paramount Protection or your PC may even have become a victim of it. The misleading application is a fake anti-spyware program from the family of Win32/FakeVimes malware. It is distributed through sites showing online movies that tell you to instal a flash update and through online advertisements that are disguised as anti-virus scanners.

Once installed, Windows Paramount Protection will display a fake system scanner and after the scanning it will report a great variety of infections. Important to realize that all these “infections” are fake or harmless files which have nothing to do with your computer. However, it won't remove those "infections" unless you purchase so called "full version". This is of course nothing more but a scam. Do not purchase Windows Paramount Protection and uninstall the rogue from your computer upon detection.

Myantispyware team has given us an useful removal guide for Windows Paramount Protection. The step-by-step removal guide created to help you get rid of the rogue anti-spyware. Do not donate to hackers, remove Windows Paramount Protection ASAP.

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