Friday, December 4, 2009

PC Live Guard

PC Live Guard is a new rogue antispyware application from Virus Doctor scareware family as Live PC Care, Additional Guard, System Defender, Enterprise Suite, Windows Enterprise Suite, Volcano Security Suite, Windows Enterprise Defender, Windows PC Defender, Omega AntiVir, Windows Protection Suite, Windows System Suite, Windows Security Suit, etc.

PC Live Guard uses trojans to install itself. During installation, the fake security program will create a few harmless files and configure itself to run automatically.

Once runnig,  PC Live Guard will perform a fake scan and reports previously created files as infections.

Screen shoot of PC Live Guard false scan results

Furthermore, PC Live Guard shows fake system alerts and nag screens.

PC Live Guard is scam, it displays false positives and generates fake system alerts in order to trick user into buying so-called "full" version of the program.

If your computer is infected with the rogue, then follow the PC Live Guard removal instructions.

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