Wednesday, December 16, 2009


TheDefend is a program that looks like an antispyware program, but in reality is designed to trick user into buying "full" version of the bogus software. The program is from WiniGuard family as GuardPcs, IGuardPc, SiteAdware, AntiTroy, AntiKeep, AntiAdd, RESpyWare, REAnti, KeepCop, SecureKeeper, LinkSafeness, AntiAID, SystemWarrior, SystemFighter, SystemVeteran, BlockProtector, BlockKeeper, BlockScanner, BlockWatcher, SoftBarrier, ShieldSafeness, SoftStronghold, SoftVeteran, SoftCop, SoftSoldier, TrustFighter, TrustSoldier, SafeFighter, TrustCop, SecureWarrior, SecureFighter, SecureVeteran, SecuritySoldier, SaveArmor, SaveDefender, TrustWarrior, SoftSafeness, SafetyKeeper, etc.

Screen shoot of TheDefend

TheDefend is classified as a fake antispyware program because:
* installed through trojans and worms
* the scanning process - clever imitation, in reality TheDefend will always find trojans, spyware etc
* the difficulty of removal, that is not possible to remove the software with standard Windows features (Add/Remove programs panel in the Control Panel)
* display nag screens and fake security alerts

If your computer is infected with the rogue, then follow the TheDefend removal instructions.

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