Tuesday, December 29, 2009


GreatDefender is a new rogue antispyware program from WiniGuard family as APCProtect, ProtectPcs, SysDefence, TheDefend, GuardPcs, IGuardPc, SiteAdware, AntiTroy, AntiKeep, AntiAdd, RESpyWare, REAnti, KeepCop, SecureKeeper, LinkSafeness, AntiAID, SystemWarrior, SystemFighter, SystemVeteran, BlockProtector, BlockKeeper, BlockScanner, BlockWatcher, SoftBarrier, ShieldSafeness, SoftStronghold, SoftVeteran, SoftCop, SoftSoldier, TrustFighter, TrustSoldier, SafeFighter, TrustCop, SecureWarrior, SecureFighter, SecureVeteran, SecuritySoldier, SaveArmor, SaveDefender, TrustWarrior, SoftSafeness, SafetyKeeper, etc.

Screen shoot of  GreatDefender

GreatDefender is distributed through the use of trojans. Once started, it will simulate a scan and lists a lot of infections. All of these infections are fake!

While running, GreatDefender displays fake Windows Security Center and a lot of fake security alerts.


If your computer is infected with the rogue, then follow the GreatDefender removal instructions.

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