Thursday, January 28, 2010

XP Guardian, Antivirus XP 2010, XP Internet Security 2010

XP Guardian (Antivirus XP 2010, XP Internet Security 2010) is rogue antispyware program that installed with the help of trojans.

Screen shoot of XP Guardian from S!Ri.URZ blog

Like other rogue antispyware applications, XP Guardian detects false infections and shows a lot of fake security alerts in an attempt to scare user into purchasing the full version of the program.

If your computer is infected with this malware then use the XP Guardian, Antivirus XP 2010, XP Internet Security 2010 removal instructions.

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  1. The people running this scam cold call you at home purporting to be calling on behalf of Microsoft, that your system is rife with virus' and they can help you eradicate them by down loading their software. I received the second of such calls today where the woman, who I believed was Indian made the same pitch. When I told her she wasn't part of Microsoft but was trying to sell bogus antivirus software on behalf of Guardian she exclaimed "Oh s***" and hung up. If Microsoft aren't aware their name is being taken in vain they soon will be, when I tell them. Avoid this like the plague.